BASIS International School Shenzhen has been my home and my passion for the past six years. Our campus was the first BASIS campus in China, as well as the first international venture of the BASIS Curriculum Schools network. Since opening in 2015, our campus has gradually grown and adapted to our setting and our amazing students. We are a full and vibrant Pre-K to Grade 12 campus, and we are now preparing our third full class of graduates (and bracing for their departure). We are the flagship of the BASIS International Schools, China, and we pride ourselves on being a school that solves problems and seeks opportunities for growth.

BASIS International School Shenzhen

BASIS International School Shenzhen campus

BASIS International School Shenzhen Graduates

First full graduating class: the Class of 2019 at BASIS International School Shenzhen

Our Learning Community

The students at BASIS International School Shenzhen are eager for the opportunities available and support necessary to achieve their ambitious academic goals. We have a rigorous academic program that provides these opportunities, but we have also developed individualized academic support and a holistic vision of success that picks students up when they struggle and promotes a healthier balance between academic rigor and social and emotional development. As a result, our approach fosters both academics and creativity.

BASIS International School Shenzhen primary talent auditions

Primary students audition for a talent show

At the center of this is our impressive arts program, our incredibly dedicated group of athletes and coaches, and our deeply invested Deans, who spearhead the pastoral care of our students. Throughout the year, you are likely to see yarn-bomb art projects from our textiles classes, pirate musicals, pop-up art shows, student written and performed presentations enforcing school policies (which keep the audience in stitches), faculty losing terribly to our incredible girls’ volleyball team in a friendly faculty/student match, and the general bustle that makes a healthy school community. We strive for new ways to express ourselves and accompany each other on the journey past significant milestones in childhood and school development. It is a lot of work, but it is an energizing place to be.

BASIS International School Shenzhen faculty participate in a friendly student/faculty volleyball game.

Our Faculty Community

Our teachers and students have authentic teacherstudent relationships that extend well beyond the classroom: philosophical hallway chats, intense book club debates, productive student hours, and shared workspace. However, we have also worked over the years to build a stronger faculty community, and we are incredibly lucky to have the resources of Shenzhen’s Shekou district at our disposal. There are plenty of official and unofficial activities for our teachers, and whether your preference is a quiet brunch with some friends over single-origin hand-poured coffee, hiking up a mountain, playing in a weekly faculty game of squash, or joining in a school organized trivia or movie night, you will have plenty of opportunities to join or pass, and either way enjoy your time in this lovely city.

An intense faculty game of table tennis during our 2020 Summer Institute

Faculty Halloween costumes

Our school has the privilege of participating in the education of incredibly precocious, energetic, fun, and dedicated learners. You will find students who stretch your knowledge, who ask great questions, and who will come to your student hours to follow up on questions or areas of interest. For faculty, there are no better participants in learning.

Dr. Smeltzer in the classroom

You can also count on a team of peer educators who is proactive, dedicated, and experienced. Our faculty vary from incredibly deep content knowledge with PhD’s in their areas of study who infuse their lessons with passion and industry experience, to career educators who have made it their business to master the craft of the classroom. We leverage the skills of both in our learning community—if this sounds like a community that you would like to be a part of, please reach out.

We look forward to the years, growth, and graduations ahead of us.

Erica Gale Smeltzer, PhD
Executive Head of School
BASIS International School Shenzhen

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