At BASIS International & Bilingual School Chengdu, we are a community of learners, where teachers are focused on providing an exceptional education to the students in our care. Partnering with students and parents, we ensure all students grow to their potential!

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As an educator and Head of School, I strive to create environments that empower all students to fully realize their potential in all facets of their growth during their learning years. I develop curricular programs with several pedagogical tenets in mind:

  • Students achieve a deep and enduring understanding of our world when they construct their knowledge through hands-on, experiential activities
  • Students engaged in inquiry-based activities unquestionably develop skills and knowledge in all their myriad facets of intelligences.
  • Encouraging cross-curricular projects and ensuring coursework builds upon the understanding constructed in various classes is a vital aspect of curriculum development
  • Developing lifelong learners who instinctively desire to give back to their communities is a fundamental step in a student’s maturation.

I also believe in establishing and fostering an environment that engages and inspires students to think for themselves and learn independently. This is accomplished by giving them every opportunity to explore their intellectual curiosities and boundaries; and to take risks to broaden their experience of life by exposing them to a global outlook on the world. This belief has been further refined and strengthened by the growing urgency to help teachers devise strategies that not only cater to the students’ increasingly different individual learning abilities, but also foster a sense of being global citizens as well.

BASIS International/Bilingual School Chengdu

BASIS International & Bilingual School Chengdu

As a school leader, it is vital to set high standards for myself, students, and faculty. I believe that every student can be successful in all their academic endeavors. Our responsibility as educators is to provide a wide array of support and continuously pursue every possible strategy to empower students to achieve success.

Throughout my career, students have taught me a powerful lesson: patience is a virtue, and it is demonstrated when sufficient time is allowed for lessons to be assimilated, for skills to develop, and attitude to take hold.

Ultimately, the cornerstones of my philosophy and practice in education and learning are all about connecting, exploring, and challenging ourselves and others to be our best selves; and I always desire for students and faculty to attain ever-greater levels of abilities and knowledge.

If this resonates with you, I encourage you to explore opportunities with BASIS International & Bilingual School Chengdu, and see if this is the right place for you to continue to grow and expand your career as an educator.

Ryan Kelly Head of School, BASIS International/Bilingual School Chengdu

Dr. Ryan Kelly
Founding Head of School
BASIS International & Bilingual School Chengdu

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