I have been in education for more than a decade, and one thing I have learned is that an amazing teacher can absolutely change a child’s life. At BASIS International School Bangkok, I am looking to build a learning community filled with teachers who can do just that. Like all BASIS Curriculum Schools, our school will be filled with passionate, innovative, and creative teachers who relish taking on a new challenge, and understand their responsibilities as educators and mentors.

Additionally, it is incredibly important to me to have teachers who welcome the idea of teamwork and collaboration. I know our school community will work together to support each other on a daily basis—students, families, teachers, and staff. I want teachers to come to BASIS International School Bangkok who feel they have a stake in our community—and intend to make it a great place because they are a part of it. I love working with teachers who look at the resources around them and use them to make their classrooms dynamic and engaging. As the Head of School, I believe in supporting and empowering all of my teachers; I value their hard work and dedication and give them a voice in our community.

I want this experience to be one that changes the lives of everyone connected to BASIS International School Bangkok. Please come ready to work hard, and fully open to new and rewarding life experiences. If you are seeking to be a part of something exceptional, please apply today!

  • Elizabeth Thies, Head of School, BASIS International School Bangkok

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