Arts are emphasized across our network of schools. Visual art, drama, and music are all offered to every student, from the youngest learners to high school seniors. During the 2021-22 school year at BASIS International School Guangzhou, our teachers designed and led students in a wide range of performances and displays, culminating in end of the year performances and displays. Original musical arrangements were performed by the BIGZ Bands during their concert, artists from middle-high school displayed their work at the Art Gala, and drama and choir students performed for enthusiastic audiences. Learn more from our teachers about these special showcases of student talent and development!

BASIS International School Guangzhou Spring 2022 Band Concert: Old Soul

From Mr. Andrew Wangemann

BIGZ Bands Old Soul

BIGZ Bands feature unique combinations of instruments that don’t quite resemble the traditional band or orchestra. Like a tailor who makes clothes fit, I strive to customize individual musical parts for students so that they are optimally challenged and given the chance to shine. When selecting the repertoire for this concert, the unique instrumentation and complex stylistic conventions of R&B and Soul music seemed the perfect fit. As I transcribed and arranged parts for Old Soul, I was touched by how much more challenging they were compared to the parts I had given out for The People’s Music, our first Band concert of the school year.

BIGZ Bands Old Soul

As a student at The Julliard School my professors consistently pushed me beyond my limits. I was given one seemingly insurmountable task after another and as a result, my musical growth was accelerated. It was a world-class education that transformed me. I feel the need to carry on the tradition of my professors by maintaining high standards for my students.

In less than a year they have made significant growth in both character and musicianship. I have been impressed by their increased confidence and courage to try new things, such as learning to play a new instrument, singing at the front of a band, improvising a solo or composing and performing an original song.

I am grateful for the trust and support of parents, administrators and staff, without whom none of this would be possible. I look forward to the continued growth of BIGZ Bands and Old Soul, Volume 2.

BIGZ 2022 Art Gala

BIGZ 2022 Art Gala

The 2022 BIGZ Art Gala opened on June 16, featuring bodies of work from AP students, High School Studio Art and Print Media students, and one Post-AP Art student.

Drama and choir students also performed as part of the event. The Art Gala showed the diverse variety of exciting and expressive artwork from our students. Our expert teachers have guided these students in producing high quality art and we are fortunate to have such a rich and varied Arts program!

BIGZ 2022 Art Gala drama

End of School Year Primary Drama Performances

From Mr. Matthew Driscoll

It has been a fantastic dramatic week for elementary grades as they performed their end of year productions in a black box space to the school community. Audience ranged from Pre-K to Grade 11 and all the performances were acted and sung with confidence, creativity and pizazz! To say we are proud of them is an understatement.

Grade 2 performed Little Red Riding Hood

Grade 3 performed Fairytale Raps

Grade 4 performed Treasure Island

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