The BASIS Early Years Program provides teachers with a unique opportunity to instill a love of learning in young students, while at the same time teaching higher level content than almost any other early years program. Read on for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from teachers about the Early Years program.

Q: Is the BASIS Early Years Program play based?

A: Every BASIS Early Years teacher has the freedom and flexibility to teach their students in the way they feel their students will learn best. The level of play-based learning varies based upon the teacher and the class. We encourage our teachers to utilize discovery through play, but also introduce more standard classroom elements as well.

Q: How many students in a class?

A: There are up to 25 students in a class.

Q: What kind of support is there for teachers?

A: In every Early Years classroom, there are three teachers. One is an expat lead teacher, one is a Chinese teaching fellow, and there is also a floating monitor who assists with clean up, snacks, and other tasks. These teachers work together to enhance student learning and ensure all student needs are met.

Q: Do you have a curriculum for Early Years?

A: The BASIS Early Years curriculum is based on developmental and appropriate practice. Additionally, it allows teachers the flexibility to implement the lessons that will best meet the students’ needs.

Q: What reading and literacy curriculum is used?

A: Our teachers are given a degree of freedom to decide what reading and literacy methods/curriculum is appropriate for their particular group of students. Typically school groups will collaborate on the programs and determine if there is a viable common platform that works for each of the teachers. We do not necessarily prescribe a certain curriculum for teachers to use in China. Early Years teachers at BASIS International School Bangkok do use a prescribed literacy program called “Logic of English.”

Q: What age does the Early Years program start? What requirements do the students need to meet to enroll?

A: Our Early Years program begins at age 3, and continues through Kindergarten. Students are required to be potty-trained and out of diapers, but there are no further academic requirements that must be met prior to enrollment.

BASIS International School Hangzhou Kindergarten

Kindergarten students at BASIS International School Hangzhou celebrate the 100th day of school.

Q: What are the Early Years facilities like?

A: All of our schools have a separate entrance and drop-off/pick-up area just for the Early Years. The playgrounds are separate and purpose-designed for the developmental needs of young students. Classroom design incorporates natural elements and cultural landmarks, further encouraging student discovery and exploration. The Pre-Kindergarten classrooms also have bathroom facilities directly within or immediately proximate to the classrooms.

BASIS International School Nanjing Early Years Classroom

An Early Years classroom featuring the city wall at BASIS International School Nanjing.

BASIS International School Nanjing

Q: What kind of qualifications do teachers need?

A: All of our Early Years teachers have a bachelor’s degree in education or a related field. The teachers also have a minimum of two years’ lead teaching experience.

Q: What is the level of parental involvement?

A: Parents are active in the school community, but the school administration provides ample support for successful teacher/parent relationships. Our campus is a closed environment, which means parents are not allowed past the lobby area at school times. This encourages young students to become more independent and allows the classroom and instruction to be the focus of their attention.

Q: How are young students assessed?

A: Student assessment occurs through a variety of avenues on an ongoing basis. Assessments in the early years focus on individual student growth and development, rather than standardized benchmarks.

Q: What does a typical day’s schedule look like?

A: The early years day begins around 8 a.m. and goes until 3 p.m. During the day, 3-4 year old students are given a nap time (which decreases through the year), as well as multiple recess times. Every day students have time for English, math, world discovery, and story time. Students also attend classes in PE, drama, music, art, and STEM throughout the week.

BASIS International School Shenzhen engineering class

Young students work on a project in STEM class.

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