In February 2020, National Honor Society students at BASIS International School Shenzhen wanted to help combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. The following post is what they shared of their experience and the success they had in doing their part to combat the virus.

National Honor Society

BASIS International School Shenzhen NHS Fundraiser

The year 2020 has been tough so far for all of us, as the novel coronavirus spreads throughout China and the world. While public hospitals and medical workers are trying their best to treat the infected, there have been reports about the shortage of medical supplies such as masks, protection overalls, disinfectants, gloves, protective goggles, etc.

Considering the shortage, the BASIS International School Shenzhen National Honor Society wanted to provide aid. We were able to connect with 14 hospitals in 4 provinces to provide medical supplies. To help medical workers on the front lines of the fight against the novel coronavirus and to contribute our aid to fight the disease, we issued a public fundraising announcement on February 17th. In the end, we managed to raise a total of RMB 53,581.5 (USD $7,531.42)!

We closed our fundraising channels at the end of February in order to focus on using the funds to purchase medical supplies. As of February 28th, all of our purchases have been completed.

We purchased the following items:

  • Ethanol wash-free hand disinfectants
  • PVC waterproof boot covers
  • Exam-grade medical gloves
  • Medical isolation coveralls
  • Medical protective goggles

The items have gone to assist medical workers in hospitals located in Wuhan, Hangzhou, Xinyang, Wenzhou, Yunnan, Kunming, Shenzhen, Henan, Zhongshan, and Xiegang.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who supported us. It is your trust in us and your compassion that helped us deliver needed medical supplies for the battle against COVID-19.

Thanks to the selfless effort of hundreds and thousands of medical workers, volunteers, drivers, soldiers, and common people like you and me, the spread of this virus has been slowing in China. And as the epidemic is in other countries now, it is even more vital to make sure it ends in our own country, for the sooner we stop the spread of the epidemic here, the sooner a global victory over this novel coronavirus will come.

In the world we live in, there are still many people and communities in need of help, and due to climate change, it is likely that more and more natural disasters will challenge humanity in the future. It is the purpose and responsibility of the NHS to dedicate its effort in the fight for a better tomorrow. We hope that what we do will be of inspiration to our peers, and that you will continue to support us in the future.

The following BASIS International School Shenzhen National Honor Society members contributed to this report: Jerry, Dora, Sky, Samuel, Benny, and Winston.

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