The 2024 BASIS International & Bilingual Schools China Art Festival (BIBS•CAF) was a remarkable cross-campus event highlighting the artistic talents of BASIS China students. Featuring over 100 student artworks from Pre-K through high school, this event showcased student work from our eight schools in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Park Lane Harbour, Shenzhen, and Wuhan. This event was a delightful celebration of art and creativity, promoting cultural exchange within our diverse community.

Theme: Blue Bliss

BASIS International School Hangzhou took the lead in organizing the 2024 festival, from theme selection to coordinating the submission of digital artwork. “This year, we decided to introduce a theme,” said Anja Schmidt, the project lead and a visual arts teacher at BASIS International School Hangzhou. “We selected ‘Blue Bliss’ to encapsulate the essence of our school while allowing for a wide range of interpretations by the participating artists. It was wonderful to see how each school embraced the theme in their unique way, both in the artwork itself and the exhibition décor.”

The eight campus exhibitions presented identical collections of work, showcasing original art from their students alongside high-quality prints of the selected artworks from the other campuses. Each school contributed one piece of artwork per grade or elective course, resulting in a stunning array of artistic achievement. Among the 107 art pieces on display were paintings, drawings, sculptures, mixed media, and digital art, each piece uniquely interpreting the essence of blue.

The lively opening receptions, themed around “Blue Bliss” and featuring student music, drama, and dance performances, brought the exhibitions to life. Live streaming enabled visitors to experience the simultaneous receptions happening across the network in real time. A highlight of the live-streamed receptions was a video message from the Chief Executive Head of Schools, Dr. Redford, further enhancing the sense of unity and collaboration among the network.

Network-wide Impact

BIBS•CAF was more than just an art exhibition; it fostered a deep sense of community within our schools and across the network. Students, teachers, parents, and staff came together to celebrate the creative achievements of our students, underscoring the important role of arts education at BASIS.

“The campuses of BASIS China are like one big family,” shared Mr. Valcarcel, a visual arts teacher at BASIS International & Bilingual Schools Wuhan. “Our students surpass the confines of location by embracing ‘Blue Bliss’ as a muse for unfurling their creativity. With our tightly-knit network across China, someone in Wuhan can admire and feel the heartfelt expressions in pieces created by students at other BASIS China campuses.”

The 2024 BIBS•CAF was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated. “Events like BIBS•CAF not only showcase the artistic talents of our students but also foster collaboration and strengthen relationships across our network of schools,” shared Anja Schmidt. “It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with our counterparts from other schools and lay the groundwork for future collaborations and events.”

Student Artwork

Here are some of the artwork students created.

Bonnie L., BASIS International School Nanjing, Intermediate Art Studio
Daniel, BASIS International & Bilingual Schools Wuhan, Grade 6
Floy C., BASIS International School Shenzhen, Grade 10

Group Work, BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen, Grade 9
Emma Z., BASIS International School Hangzhou, Grade 4
Elain H., BASIS International & Bilingual Schools Chengdu, Grade 8

Phoebe Y., BASIS International School Guangzhou, Grade 10
Shiyi Y., BASIS International School Hangzhou, Kindergarten
Tiffany X., BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour, Grade 5

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