You’re headed to a career fair looking for a teaching position. Maybe you are considering going abroad for the first time, or perhaps you have been teaching internationally for years and are looking for new opportunities. Our recruiting team spends many hours every year speaking with candidates, and we have compiled some of their top tips and insights to help your experience at an in-person career fair be successful and get the job you deserve.

Be Authentic

“Be you! Be your authentic self! Part of what makes a BASIS International Schools teacher so great is their uniqueness, lovable quirkiness, and their genuine passion for their subject. I encourage you to let that shine through as we converse and interview (in a nice, crisp STAR format, of course.)”

– Laila Oskouie, International Team Lead

What is a STAR format? The STAR Method is an acronym for (Situation, Task, Action, Result) and is a structured approach to answering behavioral interview questions. Interviewers often prefer the STAR method when conducting job interviews because it provides an effective way for you to communicate your experiences and skills. 

Be Prepared

“When you come to the virtual fairs be prepared to ask questions that show what you value as a teacher. Additionally, with limited time to speak with schools at the fair be prepared to respond when you are in the booth with a school.”

Michael Hultquist, International Recruiter

Be Ready

“Attitude is everything! We are looking for people not only passionate about education, but also passionate about their subject area. Be ready to share how your passion shows up in the classroom.”

– Toni Cagle, International Recruiter

Be Open-Minded

“Keep an open mind about teaching in different countries and regions. You never know which school may be the best fit for you.”

– Brittany Benjamin, International Recruiter 

What makes you excited about a candidate?

“I get excited when the candidate is excited. When the interview becomes less Q&A and more of a naturally flowing conversation about their passion for education and subject. When I learn a new teaching method or practice from the candidate, that’s my favorite! I can visualize them in a BASIS school, collaborating with others, and sharing passions and teaching philosophies with their colleagues. I get excited just thinking about it!”

– Laila Oskouie, International Team Lead

“At BASIS International and Bilingual Schools we believe that everyone is a lifelong learner from the students all the way into the Head of School and even recruiting. I get excited talking to candidates who believe this and are continuously working on their own growth whether professionally or personally.”

Toni Cagle, International Recruiter


“What excites me most about a teacher candidate is their passion for education, their ability to inspire students, and their dedication to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment.”

– Brittany Benjamin, International Recruiter 


“The best thing that a candidate can do during an interview is to help me to understand their excitement for their subject. When a candidate is passionate about what they are teaching it allows me to experience the joy of learning that the students will experience in their class and understand why the students will want to push themselves to learn more from their teacher.”

 Michael Hultquist, International Recruiter

BASIS International Schools Career Fair Schedule 2023 – 24

DATE                LOCATION         EVENT ORGANIZER
Oct. 20                Bangkok             Schrole
Oct. 23-24          Bangkok             ISS
Nov. 18               VIRTUAL             ISS
Nov. 22               VIRTUAL             Schrole
Nov. 25-26          Dubai                  Search Associates
Dec. 8-9              Atlanta               ISS
Jan. 6-8               Melbourne        Search Associates
Jan. 12-14           Bangkok             Search Associates
Jan. 13                VIRTUAL             ISS
Jan. 19-21           Hong Kong         Search Associates
Jan. 19-21           London               Search Associates
Jan. 24                VIRTUAL             Schrole
Jan. 26-29           Cambridge         Search Associates
Feb. 8-11            New York           ISS
Mar. 3                 VIRTUAL             ISS
Mar. 9-10           Shanghai            Search Associates
Mar. 16               VIRTUAL             Schrole

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