Teaching in China is an adventure, offering immersion in a fascinating culture and opportunities to explore various destinations. The recent Qingming holiday gave teachers the perfect chance to travel and discover new places across Asia.  


Thailand is always a popular destination for teachers due to its proximity, breathtaking beaches, and rich culture. From Bangkok’s lively markets to remote mountains and beaches, Thailand has something for everyone.  

Sarah Mueller, a BASIS International School Guangzhou teacher, shared her exceptional experience in Khao Yai National Forest, just two hours north of Bangkok.  

A unique hotel experience in Khao Yai. The hotel designer, Bill Bensley, traveled all over Thailand to find abandoned railway cars. Then, he refurbished those cars into restaurants, a spa, and even some of the rooms on the property. He built the rest of the rooms to mimic the same railway cars. It was incredibly beautiful and such a relaxing place! 

An art gallery


Buddhist temple

Winery in Khao Yai

Lora Goude, a BASIS International School Shenzhen teacher, traveled to southern Thailand where she delighted in the delicious food and serene beauty of the beaches in Phuket.

Ao Sane Beach

Sunrise at Ao Sane Beach

Friends in Patong

A local favorite—mango sticky rice


Manukan Island off the coast of Kota Kinabalu

Malaysia, neighboring Thailand, is another easily accessible destination that offers stunning marine life and diverse cultural experiences. Brendan Maxwell and Esthe Van Aswegen, teachers from BASIS International School Shenzhen, visited Manukan Island off the coast of Kota Kinabalu.


China boasts many cultural and historical attractions, along with plenty of family-friendly activities. Sam and Joshua Martin from BASIS International & Bilingual School Chengdu enjoyed the recently opened Universal Studios in Beijing with their young son, experiencing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, among other fun attractions.


Meanwhile, Krupali Parekh, a teacher from BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour, traveled from Huizhou to Guangzhou to initiate the process of obtaining her daughter’s first passport for future journeys. 

Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong and Macau, neighboring regions in southern China, boast a unique fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. Hong Kong, established in the 19th century, seamlessly blends Chinese and British influences in a thriving metropolis. In contrast, Macau, founded in the 16th century, features distinctive architecture, cuisine, and language shaped by Chinese and Portuguese cultures. During the holiday, Josephine Grace, a BASIS International School Hangzhou teacher, enjoyed exploring both of these vibrant cities. 

A Double Decker Bus in Hong Kong

Overlooking Macau

Traveling conveniently and affordably is a significant benefit of teaching in China. With adventures ranging from China’s attractions to Malaysia’s multifaceted culture and beyond, our teachers have endless possibilities for exploring. 


✈️ Teaching in China offers the opportunity to explore amazing places in Asia, such as Thailand’s stunning beaches, Malaysia’s beautiful marine life, Hong Kong and Macau’s vibrant culture, and Universal Studios in Beijing. Check out our latest blog article as we share some of our teachers’ experiences during the recent Qingming holiday. . 📷 Brendan Maxwell, Sam and Joshua Martin, Lora Goude, Josephine Grace . 🎥 Sarah Mueller . #Thailand #HongKong #Macau #Beijing #UniversalStudios #Malaysia #China #TeachinginChina #TravelAsia #TeachAbroad #Teacher

♬ Vacation Day – Dhenzy

Photos: Sarah Mueller, Lora Goude, Brendan Maxwell, Esthe Van Aswegen, Sam and Joshua Martin, Krupali Parekh, Josephine Grace 

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