BASIS International School Nanjing

We are thrilled to announce the outstanding success of our first annual BASIS International & Bilingual Schools (BIBS·C) Speech & Debate Championship!  This groundbreaking event hosted at BASIS International School Nanjing brought together the brightest young minds from across our campuses, showcasing their remarkable speech, debate, and critical thinking talents. Here’s a glimpse into this incredible event.

The Journey

Teachers and students arriving at speech and debate tournament

Over the past year, approximately 500 students from our network participated in six regular season tournaments hosted by our campuses, along with a final online qualifier. Through their dedication and hard work, 121 students earned their spot at this year’s Championship.

The Showdown

The Championship took place on June 17–18, 2023, with the top-ranked debaters and speakers from all corners of China coming together. For two unforgettable days, participants engaged in thought-provoking debates, delivered inspiring speeches, and showcased their exceptional rhetorical skills.

The Stars Shine

Our talented students demonstrated their extraordinary grasp of complex issues, eloquence, and persuasive abilities beyond their years. Their thought-provoking arguments, well-researched evidence, and powerful delivery left a lasting impression on all who attended.

The Evaluation

panel of speech and debate judges

A panel of distinguished judges, including professionals, educators, and industry experts, meticulously assessed participants based on their argumentative prowess, clarity of thought, delivery, and ability to engage the audience. The judges were amazed by the intellectual rigor and maturity displayed by these young competitors.

Planting the Seeds

Speech and debate trophies

The success of this inaugural event sets a high bar for future competitions. The BIBS·C Speech & Debate Championship will continue to provide a prominent platform for fostering intellectual growth, cultivating effective communication skills, and nurturing future leaders.

Gratitude and Appreciation

We extend our sincere appreciation to all the participants, judges, educators, and sponsors who made this event possible. Your collective efforts created an environment that celebrated intellectual discourse, critical thinking, and respectful engagement.

Stay tuned for more updates as we celebrate the incredible accomplishments of our students, faculty, and the bright future ahead for our network of schools!

Colin Malinak
Director of BIBS · C Speech and Debate Program

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