The first annual BASIS International & Bilingual Schools-China Art Festival displayed an inspiring collection of art from students at all six BASIS schools in China. The exhibition opened on February 10th, with simultaneous receptions in Nanjing, Guangzhou, and Park Lane Harbour.

Reception at BASIS International School Guangzhou

The exhibition showcased the best student art from BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen, BASIS International School Guangzhou, BASIS International School Hangzhou, BASIS International School Nanjing, BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour, and BASIS International School Shenzhen. Among the over 70 works on display at each site were drawings, paintings, mixed media, digital art, textiles, photography, and sculpture from Pre-Kindergarten to high school students.

BASIS International School Shenzhen Visual Arts Coordinator Mara Gil organized this year’s exhibition in collaboration with the art teachers from the other five BASIS China schools. The teachers each submitted a selection of their students’ art, which was then reproduced for display at the other schools. Ms. Gil worked with the schools to set up flexible exhibition spaces and create a video compilation of interviews with the student artists, which was played on a loop at the reception.

During the live-streamed reception in February, Chief Executive Head of Schools Dr. Mark Reford described the art teachers at BASIS International & Bilingual Schools as being “pioneers in building events that bring the entire network together” and thanked the teachers for organizing the event that allows parents, students, and faculty to see the wonderful products from these classrooms.

“Our art teachers are so important to the life of our network and an event like this is the perfect evidence to show just how important the work, the time, and care that they devote to their students and to their students’ craft development is to our work at BASIS.”

Dr. Reford also commented on the quality of the student work that our students produce, even at the youngest ages. “Our teachers are lucky to have students like you who, amidst all the stress and workload of your academic lives, have the space in your imaginations to produce this lovely work.”

Kindergarten Art, Lea E., BASIS International School Guangzhou

Grade 7 Art, Miumiu Z., BASIS International School Hangzhou

Art Studio Intermediate, Phoebe Y., BASIS International School Guangzhou

AP Photography, Jeff Z., BASIS International School Shenzhen

AP 3D Art, Ella H., BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour

AP 2D Art, Jennifer Q., BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour

Art Appreciation in Early Childhood

The day after the Art Festival exhibition opened on February 10th, Early Childhood students at BASIS International School Guangzhou had the chance to have a private viewing of the artworks. Students were asked to walk around, observe, and discuss art. They had conversations with their classmates as to why they found certain works interesting, and what really stood out for them.

After deciding which artwork was their favorite, students sat down and drew the work that they chose. By observing the finer details in the artwork, they were able to create their own version of it. Art can be appreciated by all ages, and events such as the Art Festival with follow up activities like these help bring art to life for all of our students.

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