At BASIS International Schools one of our core principles is the freedom and flexibility our curriculum allows teachers to have. Each teacher has the freedom to teach their subject in unique ways that will most connect with their students and get them excited about the material. Our faculty enjoy this flexibility–and use it to put their creativity to work.

A Murder Mystery of Historic Proportions

At BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour, the 5th grade Classics class investigated a murder…from 2000 years ago. Students learned about the death of Julius Caesar by examining historical texts given to them and coming to their conclusions.

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour Classics class

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour Classics class

Radio Comes to the Theater

BASIS International School Hangzhou upper school drama students presented a unique play for their spring 2019 performance. The 39 Steps: A Live Radio Play brought the best creativity out of both faculty and students, with even the Head of School participating! Students helped to record and create live over 100 foley sounds for use during the play.

BASIS International School Hangzhou 39 Steps

Students executed the live and recorded sound cues for the performance.

English Heroes

Elementary school students at BASIS International School Guangzhou have the opportunity to be a super hero for the day…an English Hero! Students who regularly use English to communicate, and encourage their friends to do the same, are rewarded with the fun chance to be a super hero for the day.

A New Friend at BASIS International School Shenzhen

3D art students at BASIS International School Shenzhen examined the affect of art on society by creating a life size plastic wrap figure and moving him around the school to observe reactions.

Creativity by Design

At BASIS International School Nanjing, the very classrooms our Early Years students learn in are designed to enhance their education and teach them about their environment. Pieces of local culture, such as the famous city wall, are incorporated, along with weather and nature elements.

BASIS International School Nanjing

BASIS International School Nanjing

Locally Rooted

The Thai house at BASIS International School Bangkok is a beautiful example of our commitment to be locally rooted and globally connected. Students have the opportunity to learn about and experience the rich history and culture of Thailand through a space built specifically for it.

BASIS International School Bangkok

Hallway Art

Creativity doesn’t stop in the classroom. At every school the creativity of our teachers spills out of the classroom through fun and engaging bulletin boards in the hallways outside.

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