A new year represents new opportunities as BASIS International School Nanjing completes construction on the facilities of the nine-building campus and prepares to open in September 2019. BASIS International School Nanjing represents the culmination of everything that BASIS International Schools has learned over the last four years in the international school market. Nanjing Is one of the historic capitals of China and is known as a “city of culture” with a long history of educational excellence.

BASIS International School Nanjing Campus

BASIS International School Nanjing rendering

Architectural rendering of BASIS International School Nanjing

With a new campus in Nanjing, BASIS International Schools looks to add our part to this storied tradition. The culture and traditions of Nanjing are literally built into the school with the architecture of the classrooms drawing inspiration from the city wall.

BASIS International School Nanjing Kindergarten Classroom

Elements of the city trees are incorporated into the classroom ceiling.

In the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms the students will have the wall, trees, and the Spirit Way of Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum all around them every day. These cultural landmarks are incorporated into the design and function of the classrooms.

Surrounding Community

BASIS International School Nanjing is located in the suburbs of the city near Nanjing University and Nanjing Normal University. This suburban location combines the best of both worlds, with the area around the school being a quiet and welcoming neighborhood for families and children, while just about a mile away is the Xueze Road Metro station where a number of restaurants, shopping, bars, and movie theaters are located.

Park in suburban Nanjing

Seasons and Natural Surroundings

The Nanjing Metro allows quick access to some of the most incredible sights in all of China. Nanjing has four seasons with the summers centered around Dragon Boat racing on Mochou Lake and fall exploding into a vibrant fall foliage of all spectrums of the rainbow. In the winter, teachers can enjoy the Tangshan Hot Springs and the spring welcomes the cherry and plum blossoms. For nature lovers of all ages, the Zhongshan Scenic Area is only about 20 minutes on the Metro from the school. The area offers beautiful hiking, as long as you are comfortable with stairs, while providing some of the most spectacular fall colors and spring blossoms anywhere in the world. For children the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum is an easy walking area taking you past historic statues of animals from all over the world.

City Life


The city center of Nanjing is only about a ten minute metro ride away, giving teachers access to a thriving, vibrant, and modern city center surrounded by a centuries old city wall. Here you will find the bustling Nanjing 1912 area with shopping, restaurants, and night clubs popular with both locals and expats from all over the world. The Nanjing Salted Duck is not to be missed.


Nanjing Golden Eagle Shopping Center

The Golden Eagle Shopping Center in Nanjing.

Within a 20 minute walk of BASIS International School Nanjing, the Golden Eagle Shopping Center includes everything needed for daily life and also boasts restaurants for a variety of cuisines, an IMAX theater showing both Chinese and Western movies, shopping, and groceries from all over the world (including a western grocery store). All of these amenities provide teachers with the comforts of home, while being on a new and exciting adventure.

Nanjing sign

Sometimes translation is part of the adventure.

– Michael Hultquist is an International Recruiter with BASIS International Schools

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    One of the most attractive reasons for teaching at BASIS International School Nanjing is the opportunity to explore China. Nanjing is connected to all major domestic cities—meaning you can take high-speed bullet trains to Beijing (3-4 hours), Shanghai (1-2 hours), and Suzhou (2-3 hours). In addition, Nanjing Lukou International Airport has 135 domestic air routes and about 25 international air routes to far-flung places like Bali, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand.