A crucial part of any well-rounded education and school community is sports and athletics for students of all ages and levels. As our schools have grown, so have our athletic programs. Our coaches have developed high achieving in boys’ and girls’ volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming, and in general physical education classes. BASIS International Schools campuses in different cities have even come together for friendly athletic matches, and to build camaraderie and friendships across our school network.

School sports day BASIS International School Hangzhou

Junior Paul, Chair of the Physical Education department at BASIS International School Hangzhou, as well as two of our coaches, shared with us about some of the recent successes of our students athletes and first school athletic events.

Spring Primary Sports Day

Sports Days are the highlight of any PE department calendar, and so the full Primary Sports Day at the end of May was a resounding success with a number of different activities for the students to take part in. There were activities such as building tall structures, water sponge games, back to back racing, egg and spoon race, hungry hippos, and the all-important obstacle course! It was thrilling to watch the students taking part in the fun challenges in their houses and teams! Despite the high temperatures it was nice to see so many parents in attendance–enjoying the day, taking photos, and cheering the children on. Above all it was inspiring to see many of the students smiling and eager to participate. Moving forward, we are sure that more students will enjoy a number of running, throwing, jumping, and teamwork activities as we move into the new school year.

Sports Day at BASIS International School Hangzhou

First BASIS Unicorn Open Track and Field Meet

The first BASIS Unicorn Open Track and Field Meet (U14/U19) took place at BASIS International School Hangzhou at the end of May, and was attended by Kings College and Hangzhou International schools. There were a number of events, such as the 70m and 200m sprints, as well as longer races such as the 400m and 800m for both boys and girls in both age groups. Throughout the event many of the students performed extremely well and all schools won a number of medals which were richly deserved. Well done to all of the students who competed and we hope to do so much more in the coming year!

Track and Field Meet at BASIS International School Hangzhou

“There is something inherently magical about a Unicorn. They not only exude beauty and grace but also strength and courage. In the first-ever BASIS Unicorn Open, which featured runners from Kings College, Hangzhou International School, and BASIS International School Hangzhou, our students showed their strength and courage by winning a total of 32 medals in the running events. Our students competed in the U14 league and displayed their talents as they were cheered on by parents and other staff. I am truly proud of all of our runners as they practiced really hard over the last eight weeks.”

Kandace Jones, coach and science teacher, BASIS International School Hangzhou

Volleyball Successes

The girls’ volleyball team recently attended a tournament at Hangzhou International School…and won! We were extremely lucky to be able to field two teams who wore their kids with pride! The girls had trained for a number of months and played several matches against staff teams, which were organized internally due to the restrictions of external competitions from the pandemic. We are hoping for repeated success next year for the girls, as well as the creation of a boys’ volleyball team.

Volleyball tournament at BASIS International School Hangzhou

“The annual HISAC Volleyball tournament for Middle School girls was hosted by Hangzhou International School (HIS) during the first weekend of June. Our Middle School girls’ volleyball team came back victorious, winning the 1st place trophy. This was a great success for our group of 17 middle school girls who spent the last year working hard, developing volleyball skills, team spirit, and made some wonderful friends that will always stay with them.

“It was exciting to see some parents that attended the tournament also, and they were very pleased to see their daughters’ achievement and the whole event, complimenting the practices, and the whole training process. As we look back on what was a successful tournament, we know that the memories will remain and will be cherished for all those who played hard. Well done to everyone!”

– Panche Panchevski, Physical Education teacher, BASIS International School Hangzhou

BASIS International School Nanjing Comes to Visit

In April, the boys’ soccer team from BASIS International School Nanjing came to the BASIS International School Hangzhou campus for a friendly match. Our students at both campuses have worked hard in just a few short years to build their skills, teamwork, and athletic abilities, and this effort is paying off through competitive games and victorious. BASIS International School Hangzhou won this match, but the real joy of this competition was the ability to come together across our school network and build athletic skills as well as friendships.

We are excited for continued development in our school sports activities, under the leadership of our fantastic coaches and teachers. The ability to play and learn with other schools, both locally and more broadly across our network, is just beginning, and will only continue to grow as our school communities do.

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