Dan Schneider, Founding Head of School at BASIS International & Bilingual School Wuhan

Teachers that go above and beyond to resonate with their students leave a lasting impression that helps guide them long after graduation. One of our school leaders, Dan Schneider, Founding Head of School at BASIS International & Bilingual School Wuhan, was recently recognized with the University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award by one of his previous students for his exemplary commitment to top-quality education and support throughout his student’s middle school and high school years in a variety of roles and capacities.

University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award

An Outstanding Educator shapes young minds in meaningful ways—thoughtfully approaching instruction, sharing an infectious love for learning and caring for students inside and outside the classroom. Each year newly admitted University of Chicago students have the opportunity to reflect on their time in school and nominate someone who has been an outstanding educator throughout their education. This distinguished award has existed for more than three decades. Responses were received from thousands of students in recognition of educators who have positively impacted their lives.

The University of Chicago is honored to recognize excellence in teaching and sincerely congratulates this year’s Outstanding Educator Award winners, who are exceptional in their field and role models for all students. The University deeply appreciates the lively minds who thirst for knowledge that these educators have nurtured and inspired.


Mr. Schneider embodies the role of an educator to the fullest.

BASIS International School Guangzhou Class of 2022 student, Edward Luo, nominated Mr. Dan Schneider, Founding Head of School at BASIS International & Bilingual School Wuhan for this award. When asked “Why did you recommend Mr. Schneider for the Chicago Outstanding Educator Award?” Edward replied:

Edward Luo, BASIS International School Guangzhou Graduate

“To me, Mr. Schneider is one of those special teachers that has been with me ever since the moment I joined BASIS International School Guangzhou in 8th grade. He’s been with me for 5 years, and throughout those 5 years he has taken on various roles; first, as an economics teacher in 8th grade and 9th grade, he also led us to the National Economic challenge as a teen counselor and then from 9th grade onwards he was also our National Honor Society counselor helping us organize events and honing our leadership skills and organizational skills to be able to do events and fundraising at the school more successfully. Finally, throughout 12th grade and the latter end of the 11th grade, he served as the Senior Director of College Admissions. He would frequently help us write essays or fill out our portals in all the college application processes. As a teacher involved with so many aspects of the school from teaching itself to being a college counselor to supporting the NHS and other volunteer organizations, Mr. Schneider embodies the role of an educator to the fullest. He really takes his job seriously but also likes to have fun with us. I couldn’t think of a better person to give the Chicago Outstanding Educator Award to.”

Dan Schneider BASIS International School Guangzhou closing speech

Dan Schneider speaking at the 2022 Commencement Ceremony for BASIS International School Guangzhou

Congratulations, Dan Schneider, on this well-earned token of achievement! We are proud to have outstanding educators like yourself to provide high-quality education for our students at  BASIS International Schools.

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