Welcome to Park Lane Harbour!

Working for BASIS International Schools in China has been a very rewarding experience. The caliber of the teachers, and the level of student motivation is inspiring. Living in Park Lane Harbour on the southern coast of China, only 45 minutes from Huizhou, makes the experience even more special.

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour

We are only a short walk from the ocean, which allows for some very peaceful afternoons and weekends. Although living in the tropics can make for some warm days, the constant coastal breeze keeps the temperature moderate and the air quality quite nice.

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour teachers have the option of living on campus or they can choose one of the apartments which are near campus. Most of the apartments are brand new and are very reasonable in cost. Many of these apartments often come with ocean views. If you choose to live off campus, a shuttle bus is available each morning and afternoon for your convenience. However, most teachers enjoy the peaceful walk or a scooter ride to and from school.

The community continues to grow into a sprawling beach destination. Each week it seems like new restaurants and shops open close to our campus. Many wonderful Chinese restaurants offer traditional local flavors, as well as tasty barbeque favorites. In addition to Chinese restaurants, there are several Japanese and Western places to eat as well.

Our campus also provides meals each school day. Teachers who live on campus are provided three free meals daily, while those who live off campus receive two daily meals. If you would like to cook for yourself, there are lots of options for groceries near campus. Many local shops offer fresh fruits and vegetables as well as supplies for your apartment. Several large fresh food markets are also only a couple of miles from campus and sell all varieties of seafood, chicken, pork, beef, and vegetables. You will never go hungry here!

Another advantage of living in Park Lane Harbour is the short distance to Shenzhen by bus. These trips take only an hour and a half and buses leave hourly. Many other neighboring cities are also very easy to get to by public transportation, including two high speed train stations only 20 minutes away. A very popular perk for teachers at BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour are the weekly trips the school arranges. Outings to the mall and Walmart in Shenzhen allow for prime shopping opportunities and help promote a fun community environment.

Shenzhen Color Run

The Park Lane Harbour team celebrating their newfound superhero status on the finishing mat.

Deciding to come to BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour was a very difficult decision for my family and I because of our particular family circumstances. We decided to make the leap because we realized the significance of this opportunity for each of our family members. After arriving I realized all the teachers felt as tentative as we did. There are so many uncertainties when you move to a new country to help open a new school. However, not only has BASIS International Schools been a wonderful organization to work for, the operations staff at the school has helped to make our acclamation to Park Lane Harbour both easy and enjoyable. This decision has changed our family forever. It will do the same for you!

Chad Turner is the Dean of Middle School at BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour.

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