Have you ever had the dream to live and teach abroad? To experience a new culture, take in incredible sights, and try exquisite ethnic dishes while having the opportunity to begin a rewarding new phase in your career? Hear firsthand from Grace Wood, one of our Grade 1 Learning Expert Teachers at BASIS International School Bangkok about her experience with living and teaching in Thailand and how she carefully chose BASIS International Schools to continue her time teaching abroad.

Grace Wood, Grade 1 Learning Expert Teacher, BASIS International School Bangkok

It has always been a dream of mine to travel and live abroad. When the opportunity came to move from Canada to Thailand, I jumped on it immediately. It was a no-brainer. Nine months of experiencing new cultures, foods, and places all while finishing up the final practicum of my Education degree? Yes, please! Not to mention the excitement and professional growth that comes with teaching in such a unique environment. In July 2019, I stepped off the airplane and into Bangkok’s blistering hot, beautiful, bustling city. Needless to say, I’ve had a slight change of plans since then. This 9-month experience of a lifetime has quickly turned into a 3-year adventure (and counting)!

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Grace Wood, Grade 1 Learning Expert Teacher

My first years in Bangkok were spent as a homeroom Kindergarten teacher at a well-established Thai school. I lived and worked on the outskirts of Bangkok. I was immersed in Thai culture, experiencing a completely new way of life. Every sound, sight and smell was something I had never encountered before. Eventually, it became time to look for a new opportunity where I could continue to grow professionally, and hopefully, get involved in teaching at an international level. With numerous international schools in Bangkok, my job search was vast. My decision to choose BASIS International School Bangkok (BISB) was no accident. I carefully selected this school for many reasons.    

BASIS International School Bangkok Teachers

As a new teacher, I was eager to develop my teaching skill set and to learn from my colleagues. The BASIS International Schools co-teaching model struck me as an amazing opportunity for this. As a Learning Expert Teacher (LET), I have had the pleasure of working alongside so many talented Subject Expert Teachers (SET). Each teacher has their own unique teaching style and an endless amount of creative ideas. I can’t describe how beneficial it has been to observe how each teacher approaches teaching in their own way. I have been able to grow in both my classroom management skills and instructional technique since taking on the role of first-grade LET here at BASIS International School Bangkok.


As an individual, I am motivated by the culture, environment, and people around me. From the moment I walked onto campus for my interview, I could tell that this was a place where my sense of responsibility and desire to work hard would be matched not only by my colleagues but by our students as well. BASIS International Schools are known for their rigorous curriculum and high standards for teaching and learning. I knew that an opportunity to teach at this level was rare, and I was excited to experience it. Seeing my students work with such exceptionality excites me each and every day. It invigorates my desire to teach with purpose and inspires me to do everything I can to help them achieve all that they are capable of. Joining BISB has pushed me to become a better teacher by virtue of the talented educators and driven pupils I am surrounded by each day.

I joined BASIS International School Bangkok at the beginning of its third official school year. Throughout my short time here, I have seen so much development within our school community from the growth of our student population to the increase of school-wide and family events. Joining a school so close to its opening struck me as such a special and exciting opportunity, I couldn’t turn it down. As a staff, we are encouraged to work and troubleshoot collaboratively. We have the ability to come up with systems and solutions that work for us, and more importantly, for our students. This can certainly be a challenge at times, but joining a growing school provides the possibility to influence its professional culture- something that is perfectly suited for the open-minded, creative, and adventurous!

BASIS International School Bangkok

BASIS International School Bangkok

BASIS International School Bangkok

It has been nearly two years since I took the first steps toward becoming a faculty member at BASIS International School Bangkok. I am so glad that I did! Living and teaching in Thailand is a dream I didn’t know I had until I found myself in the middle of it. The country and the people of Thailand teach me something new every day, and I never cease to be amazed. Working alongside so many compassionate and hardworking people, and being in the classroom with such kind and clever students is a welcome bonus. This experience has allowed me to grow exponentially in such a short amount of time, both personally and professionally. Not to mention, working at BISB has been a key element in helping me accomplish my dream of traveling and living abroad. No matter where I end up in my life and career, this is an opportunity I will always be grateful for.”

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