Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, is a 15-day festival celebrated yearly among the Chinese community and many other parts of Southeast Asia. Throughout China, this is one of the most wonderful times of the year to rejoice in traditions with family and friends in light of a new year full of promise. The year 2023 is the Year of Rabbit which brings with it longevity, peace, and prosperity.

It is also an exciting time of year to be teaching abroad in China. Classroom activities and school celebrations help bring the culture to life for both students and teachers, and expat teachers have unique opportunities to participate in traditional activities alongside their local counterparts.

Across our BASIS International Schools campuses, teachers and students honored this time by embracing Chinese culture through decorations, food, traditions and learning. While the celebrations were all for the Chinese New Year, each BASIS International School put its own spin on its traditions and activities.

BASIS International School Nanjing

“Middle and Upper School Art students are collaborating with their incredible talents to create a wonderful wall mural design dedicated to the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit. Students are using a combination of spray paint, stencils and acrylic paint to bring the Mural design to life.”


Creating a mural for the Year of the Rabbit at BASIS International School Nanjing. #yearoftherabbit #chinesenewyear #internationalschool #nanjing #artclass #artstudents #mural

♬ Lunar New Year – Ramol


– Gillian Griffiths, Middle & Upper School Art Teacher, BASIS International School Nanjing

BASIS International School Shenzhen

During the two weeks preceding the Chinese New Year break, the Chinese subject teachers at BASIS International School Shenzhen arranged a variety of in-class activities to celebrate with the students and explore the profoundness of Chinese culture. Elementary classes participated in solving traditional Chinese riddles, paper-cutting activities, and traditional Chinese shadow plays; while Upper School students learned about the beauty of traditional Chinese architecture through building models, and held a cultural event about Spring Couplets.

Paper cutting Chinese new Year activity

Meanwhile, our youngest learners in the Early Childhood division were eager participants in dragon dances. Even the school kitchen joined in, providing the ingredients needed to make delicious dumplings, which the students made with great care.

BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen

As the first bilingual school in our network, BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen has truly shown the blend of the BASIS Curriculum with the beauty of the traditional Chinese curriculum. Chinese New Year activities and decorations abound in classrooms, bringing Chinese and expat homeroom teachers both into the history of ancient traditions such as hanging lanterns and couplets, singing songs, and sharing with young students about the special reunion significance of the Spring Festival for Chinese families.

One of the many visually stunning activities was in the third grade classrooms, where teachers designed elegant and interesting New Year flower art activities. Students put their talents for matching colors together as they learned the art of flower arranging and the significance of the vitality and message of spring these flowers bring.

BASIS International School Guangzhou

Expat faculty at BASIS International School Guangzhou Chinese new year activity

From the Head of School:

I am thrilled that the year of the rabbit will bring with it a period of stability for our students, teachers, and families. To all of our BIGZ families, I wish you a happy new year full of health, happiness, and prosperity. 

Dr. Erica Smeltzer, Head of School, BASIS International School Guangzhou

BASIS International & Bilingual School Chengdu

Our schools celebrate Chinese New Year in a big way. Check out this video of just a few of the highlights from the celebrations at our newest campus, BASIS International & Bilingual School Chengdu!


Our schools celebrate the new year in style, take a look at this video from BASIS International & Bilingual School Chengdu! #chengdu #chinesenewyear #yearoftherabbit #celebration #internationalteacher

♬ original sound – basisinternationalschools

Teacher & Staff Chinese New Year Celebrations

Last, but certainly not least, the Chinese New Year celebrations for both local and expat faculty and staff are one of the highlights of the year. At every celebration, teachers show off their hidden talents for their colleagues–from ballroom and afro dancing, to drama, to rock n’ roll music!

BASIS International & Bilingual School Chengdu, BASIS International School Shenzhen, BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen

Chinese New Year 2023 Afro Dance performance Chengdu

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour

Do you envision yourself experiencing this time of year while teaching abroad in China? Visit our careers website for more information about teaching with BASIS International Schools and apply today.

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