It’s been an eventful and memorable year for BASIS International Schools, and we have shared many stories, insights, and events with you here on our blog. Stories from our teachers of coming to teach abroad, to summer travels, to local events show the wide variety of experiences and backgrounds in our professional community. Insights from Heads of School, our operations teams, and even an Executive Chef give a little glimpse into the inner workings of our schools.

Our blog has grown alongside our school communities this year, and we are excited to share with you some of our top blog posts from 2020!

Letter from the Head of School: Tom Davison, BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen

BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen sign

In September 2020 we opened our first bilingual school in China: BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen. Head of School Tom Davison provided some insights into the vision for our newest school community and how our unique curriculum will work alongside the history, values, and culture of the traditional Chinese curriculum.

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A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way

The COVID-19 global pandemic changed many plans and brought plenty of new experiences along with it. In March 2020, all of our teachers who had gone abroad outside of China for the Chinese New Year holiday were asked to return, and all of our teachers and their families who returned were required to spend two weeks in quarantine upon arriving in China as part of government health and safety protocols. BASIS International School Nanjing Primary Dean of Students Quinnesian Joyner shared about her and her family’s quarantine experience with us, and the once in a lifetime opportunity that followed.

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Head of School Discusses a Very Successful Founding Year at BASIS International School Nanjing

BASIS International School Nanjing campus

Dr. Mark Starbuck, Head of School at BASIS International School Nanjing, shared his reflections on the founding year at his school in this post. Every founding year of a school presents unique challenges and opportunities, and adding in a global pandemic, distance learning, and campus reopening, you certainly have a memorable founding year. Through it all, this school community has proven to be resilient and motivated–and it is all on display in this post.

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Spreading Sunshine in the School Community

Developing and maintaining a culture of positivity and appreciation is crucial to the success of any school. At BASIS International School Nanjing, the Sunshine Committee–comprised of teachers, school leaders, and local staff members–works to ensure our teachers and staff feel appreciated and valued through local trips, school events, and other initiatives, such as greeting new teachers and providing coffee and other treats on campus. Learn more about how this team spreads a little sunshine in the school community in this post.

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Superstar Support: Taking Exceptional Care of Teachers & Staff During Tough Times

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour Chef and Staff

The operations and support teams at every BASIS International Schools campus work tirelessly to provide exceptional support and care for our local and expat teachers, staff, and administrators. Never has this been more evident than during the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent closures, travel restrictions, and quarantines. Teachers and school leaders from BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour share their shout outs and recognition for the efforts of the school operations team during the pandemic in this post.

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A Look Back at the 2020 Hiring Season

Heads of School at a career fair

Our recruiting team speaks with teachers and school leaders from around the world every year to find the outstanding educators that make our school communities special. VP of Global Talent Strategy Tim Smith shares about the twists, turns, and unusual global changes from 2020, and how through tireless effort and unique strategies, the team has helped bring together outstanding teachers and school leaders to continue our commitment to providing a world-class education to our students.

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Educational Resource Speed Dating

educational resources speed dating

The excellent lessons in the classroom begin with in-depth training for our teachers prior to the start of the school year. BASIS International School Bangkok Head of School Elizabeth Thies came up with a unique and innovative activity to help teachers share their favorite educational resources with each other and foster the collaborative teaching community we strive to develop at each of our campuses.

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Living a Full Life While Managing Cancer in China

Every one of our teachers has a unique story to tell, whether it is their journey to teach abroad, or about their life as an expat teacher. In this heartwarming post, one of our English teachers at BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour shares her story of living a full life while managing cancer in China, and the support she has received from the school community and outstanding medical workers in China.

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My Journey to Teaching in Thailand

Loy Krathong celebrations

The BASIS Curriculum used in our schools in China and Thailand began in the United States and proved its effectiveness through outstanding test scores and college acceptances over many years. For one teacher at BASIS International School Bangkok, teaching at BASIS in the United States also paved the way for a smooth transition to fulfilling her dream of teaching abroad.

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From the Head of School: Mark Lewis, BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour

As BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour bid farewell to Founding Head of School Dr. John House-Myers in 2020, new Head of School Mark Lewis arrived to continue to lead this vibrant school community in the mission of becoming the finest boarding school in all of China. Mr. Lewis shares about his first impressions upon arriving on campus in the fall of 2020, as well as his vision for the school community.

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These posts are just a sampling of the variety of stories and insights available on our blog. We look forward to continuing to showcase the educators and events that make our school communities special as we head into a new year!

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