Strong classroom instruction is vital to student success, but learning outside the classroom can be just as impactful. Field trips, clubs, service opportunities, arts, athletics…these are just a few of the ways our students thrive outside of the classroom, and provide opportunities for our teachers to share their outside interests.

Afterschool activities (or ASAs) across our school network help to build school community, student skills, and teacher satisfaction. Our teachers have had the opportunity to lead a wide variety of clubs and activities, from community service, to chess club, to even Magic: The Gathering. Each of our campuses offers dozens of afterschool clubs and activities. Take an inside look at the events, concerts, and activities from some of the eclectic clubs offered around our network!


BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour: Classical Voice Club

In the Classical Voice Club, students are able to hone their skills in classical singing and performing. For the past two years, the club has held the BIPH Opera Gala near the end of the school year and have presented famous operatic works which not only gives the students the opportunity to share their talents, but also helps to expose the entire school community to great pieces of classical music.

Community Service

BASIS International School Nanjing: Nighthawk Cancer Awareness Club

The Nighthawk Cancer Awareness Club is an organization developed by young and compassionate students that dedicate their time to raising cancer awareness. At the end of the 2021-22 school year, the club held activities for both teachers and students alike: going in to the BINJ community, helping teachers to create tie-dye t-shirts, and selling our students’ year-long work. The proceeds from these activities were donated to a cancer research charity.

BASIS International School Hangzhou: Wheels for Change Club & Social Focus Club

In June 2022, the Social Focus Club and Wheels for Change Club collaboratively held the “1/68 – Caring for Autistic Children Activities.” On-campus they exhibited paintings from children in Xingjuexing, hand crafts from the autistic community in Wan-wan Car Wash, and information researched by club members. After school, members led an “act to support” activity, selling self-designed t-shirts and ornaments, encouraged students to sign up for volunteer opportunities, and folded paper stars to deliver care and love. Proceeds from this activity will be donated to relevant organizations.

Academic Clubs

BASIS International School Guangzhou: CAPS Psychology Club

The BASIS International School Guangzhou Psychology Club gives middle and upper school students the opportunity to explore, put into practice, and raise awareness for a wide range of psychology and mental health topics. In 2020 and 2021 the club organized fluid painting events to not only raise money for a local charity, but also as a form of art therapy for students.

BASIS International School Shenzhen: Model United Nations Club

The Model United Nations Club gives students the opportunity to hone their speaking, debate, and negotiation skills. To showcase their club to other students, in December 2021 the club members put together a fictitious world crisis of the discovery of the “Zombie virus.” Students then represented different UN member states to address how to stop the spread of the disease. Participating students gave short opening speeches to share their ideas, then broke into small groups to create a collaborative resolution, or proposed solution, to the problem. At the end, students debated the resolutions and voted on whether they would agree to the solution.

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour: Biology Club

The Biology Club at BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour puts into action many of the concepts they have learned in class through practical applications. For example, in the spring of 2022 the club focused on learning to garden, and hosting opportunities for students and teachers to get involved in growing vegetables and flowers in the school garden area.

Social Clubs

BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen: Event Planning Club

The Event Planning ASA at BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen brings together students who are interested in planning and creating events, including the myriad details that go into a successful event. Their biggest event of the 2021-22 school year was the first ever school Teacher Talent Show. They persuaded almost 10 teachers to showcase their hidden talents singing, dancing, and even beatboxing. The event was a huge success, and was the first of many to come.

BASIS International School Nanjing: Peer Counseling Club

The Peer Counseling Club has been a part of a number of activities throughout the 2021-22 school year promoting mental health, social awareness, and more. In November 2021 the club held an anti-bullying activity with school-wide participation, where they gave out information about how to resist and prevent bullying, and convey friendliness, unity, acceptance and tolerance.

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