Are you the type of teacher that tends to get the urge to travel and experience new sites and cultures? Teaching abroad provides the greatest opportunity to have these new experiences while doing what you love. Across BASIS International Schools, teachers get the chance every day to explore the city around them, as well as venture out during holidays and breaks.  This Chinese New Year break, many teachers took full advantage of this time to travel near or far, across China or to a new country such as France or the Philippines.

Check out some of our teachers’ amazing adventures to start off the new year of 2023!


Perla Hinojosa, an Art Teacher at BASIS International School Shenzhen, took full advantage of the holiday break to explore many parts of China including Hangzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai. While teaching couple Jessica and Riaan Loots from BASIS International & Bilingual School Chengdu had a magical family vacation in Hong Kong and Annie Liu, a Learning Expert Teacher at BASIS International School Shenzhen, had a wedding celebration in the Sichuan province joined by other BASIS International School Shenzen faculty including Woody Gaul and Molly Lan and James Rock from BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen.





Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland family vacation with Jessica Loots, Vice Head of Early Childhood, and Riaan Loots, Physical Education Teacher, BASIS International School Chengdu.


BASIS International School Shenzhen Faculty celebrating Annie Liu’s wedding in Sichuan.


Karen Hill, one of our teachers from BASIS International School Shenzhen, ventured to the snowy slopes of Mont D’Or, near the village of Métabief in France before her next stop in Brussels, Belgium.


Mont D’Or near village of Metabief in France

Karen Hill, BASIS International School Shenzhen


James Rock, Head of Middle Primary School at BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen spent part of his holiday on a family vacation to Central Vietnam for 8 days to explore Hội An, Hue and Da Nang with each city as beautiful as the next. 

Hội An


The Queen’s Gate

South Gate of the Imperial City, where the last emperor of Vietnam lived until 1945.

One of seven royal tombs in Hue, where the 12th emperor, Khai Dinh is buried.

Da Nang


James Rock, Head of Middle Primary School, BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen pictured with his family.


Teachers Brendan Maxwell and Esthé Van Aswegan from BASIS International School Shenzhen captured some stunning photos from their trip to El Nido and Boracay in the Philippines! BASIS International School Shenzhen teachers  Rochelle Ohlson and Jacob Claasens joined in on the adventures for an unforgettable break out of the country.  

El Nido


Through the countless laughs and memories made over the break, whether it was spent in China or an entirely new country, all can agree that the opportunities to travel and experience sites and cultures are plentiful when working with BASIS International Schools.

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