Happy Graduation, Class of 2024!

As the Class of 2024 steps into the next chapter of their lives, BASIS International & Bilingual Schools China take a moment to reflect on the cherished traditions that marked their journey. Each school, with its unique atmosphere and vibrant community, celebrated the achievements and growth of its graduates in memorable ways.

BASIS International School Shenzhen

Senior Parade

As the eighth graduating class and the first to graduate from our new campus, they were sent off in grand style with a five-story parade. The hallways were lined with cheering students from Pre-K to Grade 11, who showered the seniors with compliments, noise-makers, and confetti. The Concert Band serenaded the seniors as they descended through the building, culminating in front of the auditorium with great fanfare. They eventually reached the lobby, where school administrators, students, and operations staff gave them one last confetti-filled farewell.

Graduation Ceremony

With 50 students, it marked the largest class our school had ever seen, embodying the theme of “going big” that resonated throughout the ceremony. The musical performances, ranging from the band to the BASIS Rock Band and the Latin Choir, were superb, striking high notes of joy and significance. The speeches delivered were eloquent, and the awards and recognitions highlighted the unique achievements of our students.

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour

Senior Project Symposium

On May 19th, graduates presented their senior projects, showcasing their research in diverse fields such as artificial intelligence, genetic editing, and traditional arts. The BASIS Senior Project, with its mentorship system, highlighted the students’ broad perspectives and professional insights.

Signing Day

During the evening of May 19th, seniors gathered to receive personalized university shirts and Sea Dragon dolls, signing a commemorative board that symbolizes their bond with the school.


Senior Breakfast

On May 20th, the graduates enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, reminiscing about their time at school and discussing their futures with teachers.

Senior Parade

Despite a downpour on May 21st, the graduation parade was filled with bubbles, confetti, and applause. Graduates walked the halls, receiving enthusiastic well-wishes and hugs, culminating in a colorful confetti celebration.

Time Capsule

On May 22nd, graduates recorded their memories and future hopes in a time capsule, to be opened years later, preserving the essence of their school days.

Time Capsule Tradition

Senior Dinner

That evening, a special graduation dinner featured exquisite dishes and heartfelt conversations, leaving graduates with a “taste of home.”

Tree Planting

Continuing a tradition, graduates planted a peach tree, symbolizing their lasting connection to the school.

Tree Planing Tradition

Plaque Ceremony

Graduates received wooden plaques with their photos and university names, now proudly displayed on the school’s “Alumni Wall.”

Alumni Plaque Wall

Graduation Ceremony

On May 23rd, the formal ceremony included superb speeches from Faculty and students, performances, and the presentation of diplomas. The event ended with graduates tossing their caps and looking forward to their bright futures.

BASIS International School Hangzhou

Graduation Ceremony

Reflecting the theme “The Best of Times, the Best of Us,” the Class of 2024 at BASIS International School Hangzhou celebrated their academic and personal achievements including milestones for the school within this year’s graduating class.


Head Of School Message

“I stand before you filled with immense pride and boundless joy at how you have truly made the most of your time at BASIS. Academically, all our graduates who applied to the United States were admitted into a Top 50 US University or a Top 30 Liberal Arts College. A staggering 89% of our graduates have been accepted into a Top 30 US University or Liberal Arts College, a G5 UK university, or the University of Hong Kong. The Class of 2024 is academically the strongest cohort BASIS Hangzhou has had the honor of celebrating. The best of your academic selves can be reflected in the rigor of your transcripts and your impressive AP results. Your college acceptances are a testament to your hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence. I also know, however, the best of times at BASIS were much more than just academics, you have made memories and cultivated friendships that will last a lifetime.” – Kyra Gailis, Head of School, BASIS International School Hangzhou

Student Representative Speeches

“It has been a great journey to be one of the members of the Class of 2024. Now, we might have come to the end of this chapter for us, but I know it’s just another turn of the page. And let us not get sad, because I know: If something makes you sad when it ends, it must have been pretty wonderful when it was happening. If you are brave enough to allow yourself the gift of a really wide perspective, you’ll see that the end is not sad; it’s just the start of the next, incredibly beautiful thing.” – Mark W., BASIS International School Hangzhou Class of 2024

“To ourselves, life should never be defined by the final outcomes but by the countless moments of self-discovery and growth along the way. Recall the dedication of completing all your essays, the curiosity when you explored a major, or the exhilaration of receiving your first offer, seeing the very first line “congratulations”.” – Cindy C., BASIS International School Hangzhou Class of 2024

Senior Souvenirs Display

Students reflected on their education, cherishing the memories and the impact BASIS International School Hangzhou had on their development.


Faculty Messages


As our seniors embark on the next chapter of their lives, our wonderful faculty at BASIS International School Hangzhou have come together to share heartfelt goodbyes, valuable advice, and reflections on the journey so far. Watch this special video to hear their warm wishes, words of wisdom, and fond memories. Congratulations Class of 2024! Graduation InternationalSchool FacultyCongratulations WarmWishes InternationalFaculty Hangzhou China TeachInChina ClassOf2024 TeachAbroad Seniors

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BASIS International School Nanjing

The summer of 2024 brought a grand farewell to BASIS International School Nanjing, celebrating the diverse achievements of its graduates.

Graduation Ceremony

On May 24th, 14 graduates received their diplomas amidst applause and heartfelt speeches, marking the end of a significant chapter. BASIS International School Nanjing has always adhered to high academic standards, implemented a unique educational philosophy, and focused on the all-round development of students. After thousands of days and nights of hard work, and hundreds of tests, the Class of 2024 now officially graduated with excellent results.

Graduation Dinner

An evening at Club Med Hotel featured speeches, shared stories, and laughter, celebrating the graduates’ journey.

Senior Walk

On May 20th, graduates in their gowns walked through the campus, receiving warm blessings and hugs from teachers and younger students.


Graduation Travel

From May 20th to 23rd, teachers led the graduates in exploring Beijing, visiting cultural sites and enjoying shared experiences including Universal Studios and the Palace Museum.

Universal Bejing Senior Class in Bejing

BASIS International School Guangzhou

Senior Lock-In

On the evening of May 30th, the Class of 2024 gathered on campus for a night of good food and fun games while sharing the in the joys and laughter of their time at BASIS International School Guangzhou.

Senior Lock-In Games and Food Senior Lock-in Games

Senior Walk

From the fifth floor to the first, the parade mirrors our seniors’ journey of growth. Along the way, they have been supported by their friends, teachers, and parents.

Senior Dorm Plaques

When the senior boarders returned to their dorms, they discovered a surprise prepared by their house parents. From the University of Cambridge to the University of California, the seniors’ dream school plaques appeared on their dorm doors.

Senior Brunch

An enjoyable senior brunch kicked off graduation day. The chefs prepared delicious dishes, offering a taste of “home.” Ms. Charlene, Head of High School, and Dr. Connors, Director of College Admissions, were also there to present gifts to the graduates.

Graduation Ceremony

The BASIS International School Guangzhou graduation ceremony was full of excitement and touching farewell messages including a video filled with blessings from their families and teachers. As the ceremony drew to a close, the Class of 2024 turned their tassels and tossed their caps into the air.

Congratulations Class of 2024!

Congratulations to the Class of 2024 from across the BASIS International & Bilingual Schools China network! Your future is bright, and the entire BASIS community stands proud of your achievements and eagerly anticipates the great things you will accomplish. Here’s to the next chapter, filled with endless possibilities and success!

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