Along with our goal of providing an exceptional learning experience for our students, the BASIS International Schools network in China is also committed to the learning and continued development of our staff. We recognize that great teachers understand the journey of refining their craft is an on-going endeavor. There are 3 major strategies we utilize to support our staff in their own professional development while also developing the capacity of our organization.

  • Network Development
  • Shared Leadership
  • Individual Professional Learning

Network Development

BASIS International Schools, like many schools, identifies major network ventures that are important each year. Professional learning days at the beginning of the year and during the year help us to articulate, communicate, and grow together in shared areas and experiences.

BASIS International Schools-China extend their commitment to shared work and program development by providing a week-long Summer Institute for new staff as part of the on-boarding experience. Our new staff have the opportunity at this event to learn the important pieces about our network schools, meet and collaborate with other new staff in the network, and receive mentor experiences from our BASIS staff. Establishing the partnership and understanding the BASIS Classroom experience is an integral part to ensuring our staff are successful at BASIS International Schools.

Our BASIS International Schools in China also dedicate collaborative learning time each month in order to pursue network, site-level, and departmental work as well as specific professional interests. Our Professional Learning Communities are a great example of our staff pursuing individual professional interests that positively impact our organizational work.

Shared Leadership

Our staff’s capacity and expertise are an important resource we work to capitalize upon as our network grows in China. There are many leadership opportunities for our staff that we support and encourage. In addition to internal administrative opportunities where we often appoint promising leaders, there are many teacher leadership opportunities in our schools.

Regular visits to each of our campuses by our Chief Instructional Officers, providing training, identifying areas for growth and helping to support and develop the leadership capacities of our teachers and administrators are all part of developing the professional capacities of our staff. Each network school has curricular chairs who facilitate the work of departments as well as share in the development of our programs. Additionally, they support a cognitive coaching model, assisting their colleagues in exploring their thinking about their professional practice. Chairs and other teachers are also major contributors to our Summer Institute and site-level professional development experiences.

Individual Professional Learning

We encourage our staff to extend themselves beyond their collaborative practices and their work with the network. As part of our staff appraisal process, we expect our staff to commit to their own learning and development beyond a typical evaluation. Staff reflect upon areas they could grow as educators. Support by the school administration and their colleagues, they continue to learn and grow in their craft. Beyond mentoring, coaching opportunities, and network ventures, staff also have access to increased professional development funding the longer they are a member of the BASIS International Schools network.

At BASIS International Schools-China, the learning journey never ends for our students as well as our staff. If you are accomplished in your craft while wanting to be in a place where you can continue to refine who you are as an educator, we encourage you to consider the possibilities in our network schools.

Dan Hovland is the Chief Instructional Officer for BASIS International & Bilingual Schools-China.

Visit our careers website for more information about teaching with BASIS International Schools.

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