Our goal at BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour (BIPH) is to be one of the finest boarding schools in all of China, if not anywhere. As part of the rapidly expanding network of BASIS International and Bilingual Schools, which now boasts seven campuses, we benefit from the vision, resources and experiences of our larger organization. And yet, here in Park Lane Harbour we are also developing a unique and exciting vision and atmosphere all our own.

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour faculty 2022

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour faculty

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour chemistry class

Chemistry class

It all begins in the classroom, where Subject Expert Teachers are laser focused on delivering the most meaningful and effective learning experiences to our students. Beyond the classroom, our large boarding program of 600+ Grade 5 – 12 students, allows us to focus additional attention on the holistic growth of the young people in our care, with a values-rich approach that recognizes the importance of wellness, character development and citizenship. Our students put together remarkable college resumes and are exceptionally talented and hard-working in the classroom. We are proud of them for that; but not as proud as we are for what they grow to become during their time with us and as they prepare to head out into the world.

The first full graduating class: Class of 2022

As an educator and school leader, I have spent the majority of my career at independent boarding schools in New England. During these decades, I have always had one thought primarily in mind in developing program and culture: that one day, upon reflection, students from my schools would look back and know that the best teaching they ever had, the most meaningful growth they experienced, and the most cared-for they felt was from the time they were with us. Delivering on such a promise is no small task. It is made harder still by the knowledge that we may never actually see it come to fruition firsthand. Still, it has been what motivates me in everything I want this school to be–a top place of learning, and one that pays attention to the most ripe conditions for teaching and learning; a community of engaged and active citizens, and one that perceives opportunities in and out of the classroom; a place of fun and inquiry-based experiences and activities, and one that is inspired by the possibilities of personal and intellectual exploration. This is what we’re after at BIPH.

2021 Art Display

The work we aspire to is complemented by a just-about-perfect physical setting. Located on the edge of Huizhou in the beachside resort community of Park Lane Harbour, our campus sits above the ocean, pressed into the natural beauty of the place like a jewel in the mountainside. The town boasts a spectacular strand of beach, many seaside walking paths and a warm and intimate, countryside feel. At the same time, we are located near the cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, and so we are well-situated for the best of all worlds–peaceful distance from the bustle of the city, easy access to major hubs, and convenient jumping off points for exploration of the rest of China and the region. As at all BASIS International Schools, our facilities and resources are top rate, the support for doing our work well unending.

John Quirk performing at the Voice of BIPH in 2022.

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour observatory

On-campus observatory

If any or all of this resonates with you, I’d encourage you to explore opportunities here in Park Lane Harbour. It’s quite a place and it’s quite a time to join our winning BIPH team. I hope I’ll get a chance to tell you more about us!

John H. Quirk
Head of School
BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour

Visit our careers website for more information about teaching with BASIS International Schools.

Join us for a live webinar about BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour on Tuesday, November 1st at 5 p.m. US MST/Wednesday, November 2nd at 8 a.m. China time to learn more about the campus, our network, and hear from the Head of School. Register here.

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