Welcome to Guangzhou! More specifically, “Science City,” an area within the Huangpu District which is home to BASIS International School Guangzhou. This suburban area is full of lush green parks with trails for biking and walking. Our school is located about a thirty minute drive from the city center. This means that the large crowds often associated with Chinese mega-cities are not a problem in our area! It is a wonderful place for a family to live, with plenty to do. For those looking for access to a larger set of adventurous opportunities, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macau are all reasonable day trips.

The school itself serves just over a thousand students in Pre-K through high school. The faculty is comprised of a wonderful assortment of educators from all over the world, creating a beautiful international environment. Our faculty and staff are driven by academic excellence and seek to continuously improve their craft. It is truly a professional environment with an eye towards being the best school within the best network of schools in the world.

In addition to the beautiful landscape and professional colleagues, we are also proud to have a very supportive parent population who go out of their way to ensure that our teachers and staff feel respected and appreciated. This is a manifestation of their overall respect for education, realizing that great international schools need to attract and retain excellent teachers. That is something that falls to the community as a whole, and they do their part very well!

BASIS International School Guangzhou Sports Fiesta

In fact, the key word here at BASIS International School Guangzhou is “community.” Our teachers live in comfortable modern apartments, located just minutes from the school. Many of our students, as boarding students, live on campus. Common scenes on campus in the evenings include teachers, staff, parents, and students all interacting with each other in various forms. It may be in deep philosophical academic discussions, or involved in a friendly athletic event, or simply just hanging out socially.

The most important components of our community, of course, are the students. We believe in helping to guide and mold them into well-rounded, distinct individuals who have the ability, will, and intellect to contribute positively to society, both now and in the future. We believe in the mantra of “work hard, play hard,” because if you are going to do something, you should do it the best you can. We believe our students are the best, and as such, deserve the best teachers. Teachers that are dedicated to their students, not just to their jobs. Teachers who go the extra mile to ensure the best opportunities for the students’ futures. Teachers who want to be part of a community, to grow as a community, to succeed as a community, and learn as a community.

BASIS International School Guangzhou Community Carnival

If you are such a teacher, we have a spot for you here at BASIS International School Guangzhou.

BASIS International School Guangzhou, Head of School, Jason Shorbe

Jason E. Shorbe, Head of School, BASIS International School Guangzhou

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