Are you ready to take your career abroad for the 2023-24 school year? We have opportunities for experienced teachers across a wide range of subjects, with campuses located in some of China’s most dynamic and exciting cities. Our rapidly growing network of highly acclaimed schools also offers teachers opportunities for personal growth and career development within our network as we continue to open new campuses each year.

Our international and bilingual schools have a variety of open positions for the 2023-24 school year. Learn more about what teaching with us is like, read about lessons our current teachers have utilized, and career opportunities!


Math comes alive in our classrooms, not only through in-depth subject knowledge from our teachers, but also through practical application of the concepts learned. Students begin to learn foundational math and science concepts beginning in Kindergarten. In elementary classes, our teachers guide students to see the practical applications in mathematical concepts. Basic addition and subtraction turn into making change, and in the primary grades, concepts of science are related with math as students learn to see the overlapping concepts of STEAM subjects. Students discover the application of STEAM, such as how the scientific method is part of how everyone uses science in daily life.

Students in middle and high school classes use the Saxon math curriculum to work through Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Calculus. Students will typically take AP Calculus in grade 10 with many students even taking classes beyond AP Calculus as they prepare for mathematical work at top universities.

“Students in the History of Mathematics have studied Mesopotamian Mathematics and learned how our ancestors did mathematics five thousand years ago. The students have learned about the numerical systems used in these ancient times, learned how to perform mathematical calculations using base 60, and learned to read and write Babylonian Cuneiform numbers.


To celebrate the conclusion of the unit, students had the chance to practice Babylonian Cuneiform on self-made clay tablets mirroring the way the Babylonians recorded their written work. Using clay and wooden sticks, students were able to have an engaging and authentic experience. Students recorded on their clay tablets their favorite numbers and other important dates like birthdays or graduation.”

Mr. Gheorghe Ailincai, History of Mathmatics teacher, BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour

Featured position: Math Teacher at BASIS International School Nanjing


Teaching English at BASIS International Schools gives teachers the opportunity to go beyond basic language skills and delve into grammar, writing process, reading comprehension, and more. The beginning of reading and writing in Kindergarten and 1st grade develop into more in-depth lessons in reading comprehension, writing process, and grammar. Social science topics cover world history, beginnings of geographic awareness, and basic civics–preparing students for subject specific classes in the middle grades.

As students progress, middle and upper school English classes focus on building upon the foundation of the elementary years and challenging students with high level material. Language Arts concepts cover differences in writing styles, grammar, and literary and rhetorical devices. In literature classes students read and analyze a variety of high level selections, including Shakespeare, classic works of English literature, and poetry. AP level classes begin in 10th grade and cover topics related to the AP Language and Literature exams. Our students boast a high pass rate with a high percentage of students receiving 4s and 5s on their exams.

“The Grade 9 Literature and Composition Honors English classes at BASIS International School Guangzhou began the first in a series of ‘Socratic Discussions’ where the students debate key themes and plot structures from the texts they are studying.  At present, we are reading and analyzing ‘The Joy Luck Club’ – a multi-layered novel and a great example of modern ‘embedded literature’ about the relationships between Chinese-American daughters and their Chinese mothers.

The idea of a Socratic discussion is for the students to gain confidence in speaking freely and openly about the text and discussing it with each other whilst the teacher acts as a facilitator for the debate.

By preparing for the discussion through research and having notes and quotes ready from the text and wider sources, the students gain a greater understanding of the novel and literature at large.

Even though this was the students’ first Socratic discussion with me, they impressed me with their preparatory research and the way they were able to build it into the discussion to justify their points (a key skill in G9 Hons Lit and essential for AP Lit). They were also very mannerly and gracious to their fellow debaters and the dialogue flowed in a pleasing manner.  The discussions were a great success and I look forward to more in the future.”

Mr. Simon Ainsley, English Teacher at BASIS International School Guangzhou

Featured position: English Language Arts Teacher at BASIS International School Guangzhou


Our schools not only emphasize the importance of core subjects such as math, English, science, and history, but also underscore how involvement in the visual and performing arts enhances the overall learning process. Beginning in early childhood classes, students learn and participate in art class and create work using a variety of media and styles.

Art students have produced many outstanding and inspiring works in a variety of media and utilizing complex techniques. Art history and important movements in art are also incorporated into classes. Artwork is frequently on display at all of our campuses and showcases the unique talents and abilities of our school community. Several graduates have also been accepted to top art schools in the United States.

“In December 2022 the BASIS International School Hangzhou AP Art students held their first art exhibition at Kongshan Gallery, near the West Lake area. This was a special occasion since it was the first art event of its kind for BASIS International Hangzhou and the first external event in 4 years. The exhibition opened on Saturday to a private opening with invite-only guests and was a huge success. The Sunday the artworks were open to the public and many members of the public had the opportunity to see what AP Art students could achieve with their creative talents.

The artworks that were on display focused mainly on the development of conceptual art. Conceptualism is art in which the concept or idea involved in the work takes precedence over traditional aesthetic, technical, and material concerns. This exhibition marked the halfway point of the AP Arts student portfolios and marked a significant milestone in their portfolios and showed just how much work is required in AP Art.”

-Rynhard Barnard, AP Art Teacher, BASIS International School Hangzhou

Featured position: Drama and Visual Art teacher at BASIS International School Chengdu

English Language Learners and Support

For most of our students, English is their second language. While many possess a very high level of English language proficiency, others need additional support to thrive in our rigorous academic environment. This is where our ELL Coordinators come in. These educators help support all aspects of English language development for our students, including working with teachers to provide instructional expertise on the integration of ELL best practices into the classroom, providing intervention and support, ongoing student assessments, and communicating with school leaders and others on student progress.

“In 2022, the ELL department organized a word review game. The students were invited to spin the Word of the Day wheel to receive a word. They needed to pronounce the word and then define the word and make a sentence. If the definition and sentence were correct, the challenge would be considered successful. It was a fun and meaningful review activity that students enjoyed.

As a language learning support project, the ELL teachers are trying their best to make these activities useful and fun. One academic word a day is stress-free and students can use it in different subjects immediately. We encourage our students to make a little progress every day and be lifelong learners.”

– ELL Department, BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour.

Featured position: ELL Coordinator at BASIS International School Shenzhen.

These are just a few of the opportunities available for serious, experienced, and subject expert educators to thrive in our school communities. We offer the ability to work with talented colleagues from around the world, in a professional environment with motivated and hard-working students.

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