In today’s highly competitive academic landscape, students often seek opportunities to distinguish themselves from their peers. The Berkeley Global Innovation and Technology Program, in partnership with BASIS International & Bilingual Schools China, offers students a transformative experience blending experiential learning in computer science and entrepreneurship with expert instruction. This innovative approach equips students with invaluable skills, enabling them to confidently pursue their academic and career aspirations.

Beyond Traditional Learning

At the core of this program is its focus on experiential learning. Students engage in rigorous coursework, collaboratively apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, and produce tangible products. Through entrepreneurship and computer science courses, they gain hands-on experience in launching and growing startups, developing apps, and honing leadership, collaboration, communication, and coding skills. This approach prepares them to navigate the complexities of the entrepreneurial and technological landscape.

Berkeley Global’s Expert Instructors

A key strength of the Berkeley Global Innovation and Technology Program is the expertise of its teachers. These educators combine deep academic knowledge with practical industry experience and a genuine passion for teaching. Instructors are connected to a broad network encompassing both UC Berkeley and BASIS International & Bilingual Schools, allowing them to gain knowledge from others and engage with mentors and training to enrich their teaching.

In the program’s supportive and personalized learning environment, students work closely with world-renowned UC Berkeley faculty and Berkeley-trained teachers. This close collaboration enables them to dive deep into subjects, explore interests, and receive invaluable feedback. Teachers also play a crucial role in guiding students toward leadership opportunities and applying their skills beyond the classroom.

Impactful Results

By participating in this program, students develop a strong foundation in entrepreneurship, leadership, and technology, enhancing their academic profiles and shaping their personal and professional growth. Students who have completed the Berkeley Global Innovation and Technology Program emerge as confident, knowledgeable, and innovative individuals ready to succeed at leading universities and in entrepreneurial endeavors. With its blend of academic rigor and real-world application, the program acts as a stepping-stone for students to become trailblazers and future leaders in entrepreneurship and technology.

In its third year, the Berkeley Global Innovation and Technology program is offered at five of our campuses in China — BASIS International School Shenzhen, BASIS International School Guangzhou, BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour, BASIS International School Hangzhou, and BASIS International School Nanjing. Let’s explore some of the classroom highlights from our different campuses.

Berkeley Global Classroom Highlights

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour
Foundations of Entrepreneurship
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Presentations

One of the highlights of our program at BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour so far this school year was the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) presentations. Working in pairs, students analyzed a specific SDG, along with a social venture actively working towards achieving it, utilizing the sustainable development models learned in class.

These presentations were nothing short of inspiring. Our students displayed a deep understanding of their chosen SDGs and clearly demonstrated the tangible impact of the ventures. They shared their insights into ventures like the Khan Academy, Grameen Bank, and Basic Needs, highlighting each venture’s contributions towards a common good and their chosen SDG.

What truly stood out was their ability to engage the audience, using captivating hooks and open body language that commanded the stage. It was evident that they had absorbed the core principles of effective communication and applied them with finesse.

BASIS International School Guangzhou
Entrepreneurship Finance and Marketing
Amazon Case Study

At BASIS International School Guangzhou, Gavin, a Grade 10 student enrolled in the Berkeley Global Innovation and Technology Program, confidently presented his analysis of the Amazon Case Study. He demonstrated poise and enthusiasm as he explained how his team applied the Five Risks and Lean Startup methodology to analyze the case study. Through visual aids and clear explanations, Gavin effectively conveyed the potential risks Amazon faced and how the Lean Startup approach mitigated them.

Gavin’s confident demeanor and marketing expertise make him a standout presenter within the Berkeley Global Innovation and Technology Program community.

Opportunities for Teachers

The UC Berkeley/BIBSC partnership provides qualified high school and university teachers with an unprecedented opportunity to join an experienced team of professional educators who develop and deliver Berkeley course experiences at the forefront of educational innovation while collaborating with distinguished faculty at UC Berkeley to deliver courses onsite in China.

Berkeley Global Studies teachers will teach onsite at our campuses in Eastern and Southern China during the school year. They will cooperate with a UC Berkeley Extension primary instructor to deliver Berkeley Extension versions of undergraduate courses to students from 8th to 12th grade. Berkeley Global Studies teacher candidates will apply directly to BIBSC and will be hired by BIBSC. Teachers will also be affiliates of UC Berkeley Extension–that means a Berkeley email address, access to Google Education suite, etc. Each BIBSC school already employs about 70 experienced international teachers and is regarded as a prestigious post in international education. No knowledge of China or Chinese is required. Housing, travel, etc. are all provided by BASIS International and Bilingual Schools-China; the BIBSC compensation package is highly competitive and is considered above the industry norm for international educators.

If you are an experienced educator in the fields of Business Management and Economics, Computer Science, or Psychology we encourage you to visit our careers website for more information and to apply.

Learn more about the Berkeley Global program here.

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